Thursday, December 11, 2008


Was the Underworld a good or bad place?
In my opinion it is a bad place.

Osiris is the supreme ruler/God of the Underworld and evil. :[
There are many natural features in the Underworld Paradise. Some features include mountains,lakes and forests. "Paradise" also holds hazardous things such as lakes of fire and a mound in which held a head called Isis Flesh. Paradise isnt really paradise at all in my opinion!.!. Another reason it may be a what you call bad place is because Osiris is the ruler. Would you want a ruler who is also the ruler of evil?
I wouldn't...


  1. i completely agree with you haley!!!

    i dont think it sounds like paradise at all!!

  2. You go to so called paradise and there there are naturall resources... you are also welcomed by the god Osiris

  3. Actually, Osiris is not the god of evil. He is the god of the Underworld and the god of agriculture. The god of evil is Set.