Friday, December 12, 2008


Once you enter the Underworld everything changes... After undergoing the tests you are allowed to go to a so called paradise. It consists of good, natural features and bad unnatural features like lakes of fire. If also holds the God of the Underworld and Evil... Osiris... In the afterlife you are doomed to live forever.
In Egypt that was a good thing... Some paradise!!!


  1. So going to the afterlife and the lakes of fire that was paradise to Egyptians? Hmmm that's kinda crazy. Could you do anything you wanted or were there still things like jobs you had to do?!?!?!

  2. Wonder if you get to meet the gods?

  3. Yeah!! thats all very interesting.... i wonder if you could do anything you wanted and just rome the fields lol or if you still had to do a job and work to get money for food and things like that?!!